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Virtus Health specialists, nurses and scientists are involved in more applied research projects than any other fertility group in Australia. Our members have been at the forefront of fertility research and treatment since the conception of Australia’s first IVF baby.

Our continued investment in research and development is crucial to our leadership in fertility services, providing a clear advantage for our patients. We are amongst the first to develop technological and advanced treatment breakthroughs, applying our research findings efficiently to greatly improve our patient's chances of a successful pregnancy.

Our commitment to research and education ensures our clinicians receive the support and resources they need to continually apply best practice from around the world. Virtus Health is well represented at reproductive health conferences in Australia and internationally and in professional bodies representing the fertility sector, providing leadership and advocating on behalf of our patients.

Our members have published more than 60 research papers over the past two years, and hundreds over the past couple of decades.
Read about the research projects that our scientists and clinicians are involved in across Australia.
Find out how members of the Virtus Group network have played important roles in many of Australia’s fertility treatment breakthroughs
Understand how we take leadership on issues within the industry and across government, and act as advocates for patients rights.
Find out the conferences that our fertility specialists will be presenting at in the near future.

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